Our Mission



The mission of the Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELL.O.K. is to join forces with all cancer patients, volunteers and friends to advocate for the individual and collective rights of cancer patients, of their caregivers and of their family members, and for the improvement of cancer policy and care.

ELL.O.K. supports the universal access of cancer patients to public health services and aims to improve the outcomes of cancer care, to assure that all patients have access to timely cancer diagnosis, treatment, care, psycho-social rehabilitation and reintegration into social life and employment.

Cancer supportive care, care for terminally ill patients and support of the cancer patients’ families and caregivers, survivorship and rehabilitation are issues of prime importance for ELLOK.

We will achieve our objectives by:

  • Inspiring, training and empowering our members
  • Promoting the European Code against Cancer for  a healthy lifestyle, and the European directives for regular cancer screening of the population
  • Advocating for the institutionalized participation of patient representatives in cancer policy planning, in the development of the National Plan for Cancer Control in line with the European Commission’s  recommendations (European Joint Actions ΕPAAC–European Partnership for Action Against Cancer and CanCon – European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control)
  • Advocating for our seat at the policy making table, seeking representation in health and cancer related committees and bodies
  • Advocating for the publication, wide dissemination and implementation of both the national and EU legislation on patients’ rights.
  • Building strategic alliances and collaborations of mutual trust with all partners in the oncology community in Greece and abroad.