Our Mission




ELLOK’s mission is to advocate for cancer policy and research, joining forces with all our members and partners for the support of cancer patients’ individual and collective rights to healthcare, ensuring universal and unhindered access to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care.

ELLOK works to:

  • Make cancer a priority for action on the national and European health policy agenda

  • Contribute to amending existing or introducing new legislative policies to improve cancer prevention, screening, treatment and care, rehabilitation and survivorship care, palliative, and end-of-life care

  • Ensure that all cancer patients in Greece have access to timely and appropriate prevention, screening, early intervention, access to clinical trials, state of the art treatment and care.

  • Empower and educate cancer patients to take an active role in their care and in shaping national and European healthcare policy that impacts on cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship care

  • Foster co-operation among ELLOK members and among similar European cancer patient organizations

  • Acknowledge the growing number of cancer survivors, as a result of earlier cancer detection and intervention, better cancer care and therapies, call for research on survivorship issues and advocate for better healthcare and social services

  • Foster networking, co-operation, exchange of best practices, cancer advocacy on European level with other similarly minded national cancer patient umbrella organizations