Keeping our members updated on the developments of cancer research and care, honing their advocacy and non-profit organization management skills are among our key priorities. ELLOK’s growth and successful policy advocacy depend on the growth and development of the skills of our members.

Our members are presented throughout the year with numerous educational and training opportunities, through participation in scientific events and conferences held by ELLOK, its members and its partners, in awareness-raising campaigns. In our events, we include sessions for a healthy lifestyle, based on the recommendations of the European Code against Cancer, on communication of cancer in the family to young children, on patient rights as per the European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights1, on the role and rights of cancer patients’ caregivers, patients’ rehabilitation and reintegration to society and return to work, as well as to other more specialized topics. The agenda of our events often includes modules on communications, cause marketing, fundraising, efficient operation οf the board of directors.

The topics that we have covered till now in our cancer policy advocacy indicatively include among other head and neck cancer, genitourinary cancer, pancreatic cancer, hematological (blood) cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, cancer-associated thrombosis, CAR-T cell treatment, personalized medicine, biomarkers, biosimilars, biologics, rare cancers, clinical trials, geriatric oncology.